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IVC Filter Lawsuits Settlement

Former recipients of retrievable IVC filters – devices designed to capture blood clots before they enter the lungs – filed legal claims against manufacturers for poor design, manufacturing and failing to warn of risks. Faulty filters punctured veins, fractured and migrated to other parts of the body causing complications.

Status of IVC Filter Litigation

Plaintiffs filed the first lawsuits against Bard in California and Pennsylvania state courts in 2012. In October 2014, the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) consolidated lawsuits against Cook from 11 districts to an MDL in the Southern District of Indiana. The number of lawsuits against Cook has increased to more than 100.

In February 2015, C.R. Bard settled the case of Kevin Philips 10 days after the trial began. According to the lawsuit, the Bard Recovery IVC filter broke inside his body and one of the small metal legs traveled to his heart, perforating it. The tear forced him to have open heart surgery and a lengthy recovery.

The U.S. Judicial Panel on MDL consolidated lawsuits against Bard to the U.S. District Court District of Arizona in August 2015. More than 50 lawsuits are pending in the MDL.

A number of lawsuits are still pending in federal and state courts.

Lawsuits Filed By IVC Filter Lawyers

Lawsuits filed by IVC filter attorneys claim C.R. Bard and Cook Medical are guilty of negligence and manufacturing a defective product. According to court documents, the companies knew their product was defective, but continued to sell it without telling the public about risks.

Although manufacturers designed IVC filters to prevent life-threatening pulmonary embolisms (PEs) — blood clots in the lungs — they can have life-threatening side effects. In a report released in 2010, the FDA received more than 900 reports of adverse events associated with IVC filters.

IVC Filter Settlements and Verdicts

Currently, there are no settlement and verdicts and IVC filter litigation is ongoing. According to attorneys, plaintiffs are hopeful that an upcoming conference could lead to settlement in the MDLs. Initially, the judge set the date for March 2016 but later postponed it to give defendant attorneys more time to review medical studies. If negotiations fail, the cases will proceed to trial.


June 17, 2016 — San Diego, CA.  There are more IVC Filter lawsuits being every month in the U.S. Our attorneys are asking the public to connect with any victims that have suffered from any side effects from these filters.

The overall increase in IVC cases may be due to the increase sales of these devices, one report states that the IVC filter market may reach $71,000,000 US dollars in 2016.

Two manufacturers that owns 80% of the market share are Bard, which makes the Eclipse® brand Vena Cava filter, and  Cook who makes that Celect® brand IVC filter.

Back in early 2005, the FDA started receiving 921 device adverse event reports involving IVC filters, they include:

  • 328 involved device migration.
  • 146 involved embolizations (detachment of device components).
  • 70 involved perforation of the IVC.
  • 56 involved filter fracture.

Three recent questions about the IVC Filter lawsuit that people are asking our law firm:

  1. How much can you get from an IVC Filter payout?
  2. How much compensation would I get from an IVC Filter claim?
  3. How much is the settlement money for the IVC Filter lawsuit?

Some of the past defective medical device lawsuits have had millions of dollars in a compensation fund, and then that is divided up between all who have joined the lawsuit.

Example: $50,000,000 in a settlement fund that would serve 1,000 victims would be $50,000 per person. This is only an example and does not represent what may happen for IVC filter lawsuit.

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